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6 years ago

People often ask me why natal chart calculation on my site shows incorrect data. That is, the planets, in their opinion, are not in the signs where they should be, and in general everything is different. Since the topic is raised often, and many people simply have not heard about sidereal astrology, which I use, I decided to write a special post and explain why some of my calculations do not agree with generally accepted astrology. Here you can express your opinion and ask questions.

If you look at this picture closely, you will notice that zodiac signs have different shapes on the cosmogram, and in general there are 13, not 12 (including Ophiuchus). There is no mistake here, I'm just a sidereal astrologer and I use planets' positions in real constellations in my calculations.


About astrological systems

Unfortunately, traditional astrologers and the media have distorted public opinion about astrology so much that it's very difficult to break through the stereotypes. Everyone knows about the classic system of 12 zodiac signs because it's popular and easy to calculate. Some people have heard of Vedic astrology, based on Indian philosophy. But few people know about the sidereal system, based on real astronomical data.

No one criticizes the Vedic astrology, although its calculations are close to astronomical. It's just different and obscure. But many people immediately pounced on the sidereal astrology, as if it seeks to destroy the familiar world. Well, you just come to terms with the fact that there are different points of view, and sidereal astrology has the right to life and development, especially since its supporters are becoming more and more.


Comparative infographics of astrological systems


As a sidereal astrologer, I'm not satisfied with classical methods, so I just experiment. I like to develop in sidereal direction, and traditional astrology is generally not interesting for me. I do not consider the sidereal approach to be the ultimate truth, but I'm interested in it as a way of knowing the world: I do research that is important to me and demonstrate results, let you free access to horoscopes. I don't impose anything on anyone, because I have enough supporters and people who appreciate my work.

The difference in my calculations is not only the use of the sidereal zodiac. When making horoscopes for people, I rely on a limited set of methods that have stood the test of time in my practice. And I don't always use methods which are popular among other astrologers, if these methods complicate my work and don't give reliable results. This is normal - everyone develops that job he considers as promising one.


Constructive criticism

I hear enough criticism from tropical astrologers, but that doesn't stop us from being colleagues and exploring the world in our own ways. We discuss a lot, consider examples, share findings. We rotate in the same system, so we do not quarrel. There are many schools in astrology, and no one has yet fought.

Website visitors also contact me with criticism regarding "unusual calculations". Most of them respond quite adequately to my proposal to evaluate the sidereal system without regard to the classics and they consider my approach interesting. Proof of this - good reviews, mass calculation of new horoscopes on the site, suggestions to correct inaccuracies in interpretations and to assist me in astrological research. Many people tell details about themselves so that I understand their situation and find gaps in my work. I read comments carefully, conduct research based on them, and correct interpretations as needed.

I like this approach because it helps me get feedback from users and improve my work, and it helps the users to get answers to their questions through my paid and free services.


Desirable and actual

My acquaintance with astrology began with the study of the sidereal approach. Its results were impressed me (in contrast to the classical approach), therefore all my works and publications are devoted to sidereal astrology. But I'm not going to convince anyone.

I just want to emphasize that calling yourself Aries or Taurus is a primitive, a commercial simplification for the general public. Our personality is not determined only by the Sun zodiac sign, - any classical astrologer will tell you this.

  • Sun is responsible only for what a person does consciously;
  • Moon is responsible for emotions,
  • Venus is responsible for feelings,
  • Mercury is responsible for the mind and communications,
  • Mars is responsible for physical abilities.

To truly know yourself, it's important to know where all planets listed above are located in your horoscope, and how they interact with each other - without this, everything is too clumsy and generalized.

There are very few typical representatives of one or another zodiac sign, because Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are most often scattered throughout the zodiac, which significantly blurs the image described in magazine horoscopes. Of course, there are people who have all 5 planets in the same zodiac sign, for example, Bred Pitt, but these are rare cases. And still, the characteristics of a person are not built on signs alone, otherwise we would all be very predictable.

People who are serious about astrology never put labels like "leo" or "gemini". Astrology is not as primitive as many think. I repeat - not only signs decide everything. It's much more important in what aspects your planets are to each other, and what time of day you were born - these indicators can even level the qualities of your zodiac sign.

If you want to consider yourself as specific zodiac sign (to listen to your horoscope on the radio), - it's up to you. But it has nothing to do with astrology. Even if a reputable astrologer writes a astrology column in a magazine, all this is nothing more than an entertaining generalization for commercial purposes.

Natal astrology interprets everything differently and much deeper, based on the date, place and time of your birth, and not combing everyone with one brush. Astrology takes into account a lot of horoscope factors and their interrelationships, and doesn't get hung up on the zodiac signs alone. Why drive yourself into the framework of one sign, if the natal chart can say much more reliably about you? But people are strange - it's more important for them to know that they are not Virgo, but Libra, and they don't care what qualities they are actually endowed with. If you ask what they know about Virgo, they can’t say anything in response. They are simply annoyed by the inconsistency with the usual "standards".


The real manifestation of zodiac signs in the horoscope

I practice a lot and often see this situation in people's horoscopes:

  • Sun in Taurus,
  • Mercury and Mars in Aries,
  • Moon and Venus are in other zodiac signs

So, even a person is "taurus" by the nature, but more like "aries", because Mercury and Mars are very strong planets and together they can outweigh the Sun influence.

Second example: a man considers himself an Aries and is indignant that "in my opinion" his Sun in Pisces. I look into his horoscope and see rising Mars, which powerfully enhances the power of Aries in his character and downplays the influence of the Sun, especially if the Sun is astrologically weak. So, the man is not mistaken, considering himself a fiery nature, but he doesn't see all the wealth of Pisces, which is also manifested in him! Astrology easily explains these contradictions and clearly shows when a person behaves like an Aries, and when - like a Pisces.

If you want to know the truth about yourself, let me make you a natal chart. I'll give you reliable information, because I will outline YOUR portrait, not some abstract Scorpio or Taurus. As part of the consultation, I'll answer all your questions, make an informative and reasonable analysis.


Order horoscopeFree natal chart


About Ophiuchus

You are wrong to think that recent NASA post about constellations should somehow change your attitude towards the traditional zodiac. If classic 12 signs astrology seems reliable to you, then stick to it.

Everything that is said about Ophiuchus is perceived by people through the prism of ignorance. They don't know that there are 3 astrological systems:

  1. classical,
  2. vedic
  3. and sidereal (see infographics).

The first one became super-popular only because its calculations are simple, that's all. Classical astrologers misled everyone. Their theory is based on the Earth seasons: as the year is divided into 12 months, so they divide the zodiac into 12 parts. Why did they name these parts after the constellations? Because in ancient times they were sure that 12 ecliptic constellations are really associated with a certain time of the year. Over time, the constellations have shifted, but the months have remained the same, but from the point of view of tropical astrology, the situation "has not changed".

There are 13 astronomical zodiac constellations, but traditional astrologers don't use them, - they prefer a model of 12 signs because real position of the stars is not important for them. Why is there such confusion? Because traditional astrology doesn't change with science. Astrologers know that the signs have nothing to do with the constellations, but they don’t want to rename them - this confuses people. It has been so for centuries, and now it's difficult for people to rebuild their perception.

Remember: there will never be 13 signs in traditional astrology. Because everything there is built on the ideal and harmonious number 12 and its derivatives.

If you're a fan of the classic astrology, then don’t worry - continue to consider yourself a Libra (and not a Virgo) if you like. This means that at the time of your birth, the Sun (according to tropical zodiac) was in Libra. But if you were interested in Vedic astrology, then you might be Scorpio (for example), because Indians determines main zodiac sign by the position of Ascendent, not the Sun. And finally, in the sidereal zodiac, your Sun is still in Virgo, because there are 13 signs in this system from time immemorial, and its calculations coincide with astronomical.

In general, your sign depends on which system seems more reliable to you. I choose the sidereal approach because it's logical and transparent without allegory and is fully consistent with celestial phenomena.


Combination of astrological systems

Some people find it difficult to perceive the sidereal astrology as a complete one. They try to translate Ophiuchus into some kind of mythical "upper" zodiac; some endow Ophiuchus with unique qualities and missions; some say that the classical horoscope personifies earthly life, and the sidereal - unearthly...

In general, adherents of traditional theories refuse to accept the sidereal system as an alternative. They perceive it only as a superstructure. I fundamentally disagree with this point of view. Sidereal astrology is an absolutely complete thing, it can be used for making horoscopes, forecasts and research. I've been working in this direction since the very beginning, and at the same time I successfully consult and develop.

Sidereal astrology is not the opposite of traditional one. It uses the same techniques: aspects, houses, transits, directions, cycles, etc. But calculation associated with the zodiac signs is built differently. I must pay tribute to classical astrology, because I took most of the developments from there. But now I create a lot of my own.


Why is it not written anywhere that the site is sidereal?

It's written where it's supposed to be - on the page About me.

Why don't I write about it in a header of site? Because I do my job for people. They come to my site to find out the answer to their question, and not to delve into astrological terms. People don't care what system I use - they just evaluate its reliability and get the necessary information. Only those who supposedly understand astrology start arguing.


For skeptics

Skeptics and critical people, outraged by the incorrect horoscope calculations, like to leave comments anywhere - in sections of the site that are not related to their question at all (thus violating the site rules). To collect criticism in one place, I created this topic. Now you can criticize horoscope calculation only in three places:

  • in this publication,
  • related links below,
  • in relevant social media posts


Please be constructive and justify your criticism. Express your opinion in a cultural way. If you think that someone wants to read about how you regret that you have registered on my site, then you are deeply mistaken. If you've wasted your time and want to delete your account, contact me, I will delete you from the site, along with your reviews, horoscopes and comments.

If you begin to lament that the sidereal system is nonsense, and its calculations are lies, and at the same time you will express your amateurish opinion, then I will just ban you.

If you have specific comments on interpretations, then write to me about it, I constantly improve my texts and methods and take into account my users comments.


I hope I have clarified a lot of questions for you. If not, let's discuss in the comments.

I invite you to evaluate sidereal approach objectively, discarding all available knowledge about conventional astrology. I understand that it's difficult to get rid of stereotypes, but please try to do it. I would be glad if the sidereal approach will reveal to you the information you are looking for. And I'm always glad to find new like-minded people.


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