Natal chart

  • Do you know the time of your birth?
  • Would you like to quickly create an individual horoscope?
  • Or are you just wondering what a professional horoscope looks like?


Natal chart file contains comprehensive information about your personality:


Natal chart file

What is useful in the file?


  1. Your life purpose;
  2. your strengths and weaknesses;
  3. priorities and development prospects, individual recommendations;
  4. information about your relatives, partners and other important people;
  5. text, graphics, pictures on ≈60 pages



How reliable is a horoscope?


I work with accurate data to create a reliable horoscope in the shortest possible time. To do this, I need to know the date, place and time of your birth with an accuracy of ±10 minutes

Cost starting from 20 $


About me

Sidereal astrologer Natalie Stargazer

My name is Natalie Stargazer. I've been doing public astrological practice since 2003. I specialize in natal and synastry horoscopes, as well as individual forecasts

I will be glad to do something useful for you!

I'm from Kazakhstan, my native language is Russian. I know English but I don't speak it well, so I only consult in writing (chat, email). No voice, no video