Natal chart

  • Do you know the time of your birth?
  • Would you like to quickly create an individual horoscope?
  • Or are you just wondering what a professional horoscope looks like?


Natal chart file contains comprehensive information about your personality:


Natal chart file

What is useful in the file?

  1. Your life purpose;
  2. your strengths and weaknesses;
  3. priorities and development prospects, individual recommendations;
  4. information about your relatives, partners and other important people;
  5. text, graphics, pictures on ≈60 pages



How reliable is a horoscope?

I work with accurate data to create a reliable horoscope in the shortest possible time. To do this, I need to know the date, place and time of your birth with an accuracy of ±10 minutes

Cost starting from 35 $


How fast is a horoscope made?

After paying for your order, I will study your data and let you know the deadline. Then I will give you all files and interpretations, as well as answer your questions. We can communicate via e-mail, social networks or instant messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram). You will receive basic information in text form.

The term of the order depends on accuracy of your answers and promptness of our communication

About me

Sidereal astrologer Natalie Stargazer

My name is Natalie Stargazer. I've been doing public astrological practice since 2003. I specialize in natal and synastry horoscopes

I will be glad to do something useful for you!

I'm from Kazakhstan, my native language is Russian. I know English but I don't speak it well, so I only consult in writing (chat, email). No voice, no video