My name is Natalie Didenko (also known as Natalie Stargazer). I am a sidereal astrologer specializing in individual and couples horoscopes.

Once I had a "Stargazer" site, where anyone could make different horoscopes for free. It was an anonymous site, without any information about me. But, starting in 2014, I focused on the my author's methods, began to practice paid consultations officially and promote sidereal astrology to the masses. I took on Stargazer pseudonym, because users remembered my site by this name. You can see the scale of my activity by the content that is now posted on the site.

My goal is to share my findings with you. I am sure - since they help me understand myself, so they will show you the hidden facets of your personality, help you solve the mysteries of the past and the present, and open the veil of the future so that you meet it prepared


How I got into astrology

In the last grades of school, I became interested in psychology in order to better understand myself and the people around me. Later I became interested in astrology and realized that it solves similar problems and helps to reveal the purpose of each of us. Every year I improve my astrology and psychology skills - I take professional courses, research and apply new methods.

My site — this is a demonstration of my knowledge and skills. Here you can free and independently:

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I am a western sidereal astrologer

My site is dedicated to sidereal astrology. Unlike conventional astrology, sidereal astrology does not contradict astronomical calculations and in its calculations relies on:

  • precession of the Earth's axis,
  • the actual position of the planets in the constellations,
  • number of zodiac constellations (including Ophiuchus),
  • the real extent of constellations (instead of dividing the Zodiac into equal sectors of 30° each)

For more information on the differences between the sidereal system and other astrological systems, see infographics.


My global goal — development of astrology as a science

I am engaged not only in astrological practice, but also in scientific research. I create my own knowledge and interpretations base, develop software for astrological analysis (I am a programmer by profession).

In my blog I share research and astrological experience, I write about the choice of my approaches, because In practice, I use only those methods that have shown their reliability.

Astrology can answer many of your questions, and for starters, I suggest you try my service in action:

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