Paired horoscope

  • Do you know your partner's date of birth?
  • Want to quickly find out your compatibility and relationship potential?

This file contains comprehensive information about your pair:


Paired horoscope in one file

What is useful in the file?


  1. Comparative characteristics of your characters, temperaments and life goals;
  2. strengths and weaknesses of your relationship;
  3. indication of critical factors affecting the relationship;
  4. prospects for the development of relations and recommendations for resolving conflicts;
  5. text, graphs, comparison tables on ≈50 pages



How reliable is a horoscope?


I work with accurate data to create a reliable horoscope in the shortest possible time. To do this, I need to know the date, place and exact time of birth of both partners. Only with this data the important aspects of the relationship can be revealed.

If it's not possible to know the time of your partner's birth, you will get less information about the impact you have on his life

Cost starting from 20 $

About me

Sidereal astrologer Natalie Stargazer

My name is Natalie Stargazer. I've been doing public astrological practice since 2003. I specialize in natal and synastry horoscopes, as well as individual forecasts

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