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Would you pay an astrologer for his work?
Astrologers help many people to find answers to actual questions. But there are people that require not only forecasts, but also guarantees. In your opinion, is the work of an astrologer worthy of payment?
Should negative omens be avoided?
If you find out that some unpleasant event will happen to you in the future, how will you behave?
How do you see your future for the coming year?
This simple question will show what life is for you: a world of amazing surprises or an unforeseen accumulation of problems.
What is the main disadvantage of a horoscope?
What were you dissatisfied with by making a horoscope?
Accidents are not accidental?
Imagine the situation: you agreed with a person about a meeting. And then, shortly before the appointed hour, he calls and says: “Sorry, I have force majeure, I won’t be able to meet you now and I don’t know yet when it would be possible...” What is your first thought about this?