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Natalie Stargazer
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2 years ago

Astrological forecast: who would win the 2020 USA presidential election, and what awaits America in the next four years? Analysis based on the horoscopes of the candidates - Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Election day, November 3, Mercury goes into direct motion, but Mars still remains retrograde, which enhances the predestination and immutability of the result. That is, the candidate who wins the most votes at the national level will eventually become president (even if there would be doubts about votes count and suspicions of falsification). Who will be elected this time - Biden or Trump?


Biden victory

Current forecast of Joe Biden is optimistic: unlike Trump, career advancement awaits him - thanks to his qualifications and supporters, incl. women. However, the period of the upcoming inauguration looks strangely negative - as if something will interfere with his plans. Although what can prevent the already elected president? I don't know the answer to this question. Maybe some unforeseen circumstances will accompany the entry into office, или Hunter Biden's showing off in some way.

The presidential race has already affected Biden very much, forcing him to speak and think differently. Gaining power will further affect his personality, but he'll quickly get used to the role of the first person in the country. Many decisions in the coming year will have to be made under conditions of restrictions: he would sometimes be happy to compromise, but the law and the opinion of other authoritative people will not allow this. I see his good communication skills and enthusiasm with which he will take up new tasks. However, in April and August he will have friction with the heads of other countries. In the second half of the year, extraordinary events are expected at the White House: technological innovations, sudden returbations, issues that will surprise and cause a stir.

Biden's health

The most pessimistic forecast in Biden's horoscope is that he'll not make it to the end of the presidential term, or this post will completely kill his body. He's too old for the president of the country. In the coming year, he may not be seriously threatened. But from the second half of July until the end of August 2021 there is an indication of health problems, with hospitalization.

If he overcomes this crisis, then he will remain in power in good health for a maximum two years, but then every year his condition will worsen. A man in the state of a vegetable is not needed for the presidency. If he survives until 2023-2024, then he will abuse his power, perhaps for reasons of "quickly having time to realize his plans";. A decision of this period cannot be called honorable: he'll do nothing to stop the war (political or economic) or he will show criminal inaction.

Kamala Harris

Because time of birth of Kamala Harris is known exactly, it's possible to predict for her. And the forecast looks interesting: every year - new career opportunities (in 2021-2023), for which she will sacrifice her personal life. Of course, her sky is cloudless; she will have enemies among men, but she will definitely enjoy the sympathy of her superiors, become very rich in two years and will combine several powers. One way or another, her mission in the future is to serve the state, and with proper support, she may become a new president of the United States. However, her path to the presidency will be much more successful than the presidency itself.

If we talk about the current period, then the forecast shows that Harris is very worried about Biden. If Trump is suspected of falsifying the election results, then Biden's team will also make retaliatory accusations. I think that from November 11 to November 22, the issue of the current presidency will definitely be decided in favor of Biden, because there are optimistic factors in the forecast + a strong influx of investments, the presence of solid support and third-party interests (which is important for the upcoming Senate elections). The period from January 18 to 27 (including the date of the inauguration) looks very honorable and successful for Kamala.


End of Trump's term

political career of Donald Trump is on the decline, and he won't stay for a second term. Re-election plans will not materialize. And the current picture is very different from the one he had 4 years ago when he won the presidential race from  Hillary Clinton.

Trump's social forecast is pessimistic: he'll lose public support and may even be expelled from an influential political circle. Until November 13, Mars will be in retrograde motion, therefore, given the unfavorable forecast for the current president, he'll never again ascend to this post. But in general, the forecast for Trump’s future life is optimistic: he will find something to do outside of politics (property deals, investments, business partnerships, entertainment industry).

Before the date of the inauguration (January 20), Trump will have time to do a lot of useful things in terms of his duties. Leaving the post will even benefit him - he'll feel much freer and in the second half of March he will go headlong into work, which, like politics, will be of a global nature. His focus will shift from self-beloved to personal life and cooperation with people around the world.

Trump will also have health problems in 2021 (in April and June-July), but not as urgent as Biden's. Most likely, he will have a long medical examination, take care of the treatment of teeth, joints, chronic diseases, and will adhere to certain restrictions in terms of caring for the body.

If we consider Trump as a potential president, then he, like Biden, is not the best candidate for this role, because he tends to abuse his official position and will do less useful than he could.


Election period

The end of 2020 is expected to be problematic for the whole world due to the American elections. Not only by the election of a new president, but also another quarantine crisis in November (with the re-imposition of bans and protective measures), as well as the pre-New Year currency crisis in December (related to the consequences of quarantine, the general deficit and fever in the stock market). The beginning of 2021 (January-February) will also be quite tense, but then there will be relative calm.

The second half of January is expected to be very tense: during the inauguration period, Mars (the male planet of impatience and aggression) will connect with Uranus (the planet of protests and surprises) for several days. It's hard to imagine what we can expect from this explosive mixture. I think that Belarusian and Karabakh issue will resume against the backdrop of the American election, spontaneous rallies will arise, an armed conflict will flare up and fade away, and in general, many public men will behave inappropriately. As a result, everything will settle down, except for Belarus: On January 27-31, Lukashenko will again begin to constantly flicker in the news, and this will be the beginning of the end of his political career.

I will describe this in my further forecasts for the coming months.