Natalie Stargazer
Natalie Stargazer
Sidereal astrologer

8 months ago

Motto 2022: all's well that ends well. Therefore, instead of a thousand words - emojis.

smile calendar 2022

  1. January is the month of political tension, which will subside in February
  2. February is an anti-crisis month with many cultural and sporting events
  3. March - the beginning of a long crisis from the 2nd half of the month
  4. April - new virus + planned military operation
  5. May - crisis, losses, corruption, scandal at the end of the month
  6. June - losses and problematic technological progress
  7. July - people health recovery and the change of power at the end of the month
  8. August - bans, protests, fines, technical failures... so, everything repeats, we are used to
  9. September - information boom
  10. October - female strength, male weakness and social tension
  11. November - a lot of things, good and bad
  12. December - will pass on an optimistic note. positive agreements are expected at the highest level


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