Natalie Stargazer
Natalie Stargazer
Sidereal astrologer

5 months ago

Since 2013, I've been officially working as a professional astrologer in the Russian-speaking space. And although my site is in Russian, it's often visited by users of other Slavic nationalities, for example, residents of Eastern Europe. Of course, I always wanted to expand the scope of my broadcast, and in 2020 I started creating the English version of my site. This is a very time-consuming task, because by that time I had created a lot of content, and most importantly, I had created a huge database of astrological interpretations, which I use in natal, couples and prognostic consultations. Google Translate has made my task a bit easier, and I hope you will understand my English interpretations.

Natalie Stargazer site english version

I invite you to dive into the world of sidereal astrology, which can accurately describe the portrait of your personality, tell what happened to you in the past, and predict your future.

I'll be your faithful guide in the incredible world of astrological forecasts - both personal and global.

The English version of my site will be launched next week. It's advisable to be in time before the start of the Mercury loop ️ On the site you could make free horoscopes, and here I will talk about interesting announcements and upcoming global trends.