Natalie Stargazer
Natalie Stargazer
Sidereal astrologer

7 months ago

Not only the retro period of Mercury is important, but also 2 weeks before it begins. Because everything important that we say and plan these days can be canceled in the retro phase. See recommendations in the gallery.

In an astronomical sense, Mercury loop is starting today, before going retrograde in next 2 weeks. Retrograde is an astronomical concept, not an astrological one. Astronomy accepted the phenomenon of retrograde as a natural and explainable fact. Astrology gives the phenomenon a special meaning, stating that the planets reverse motion correlates with extraordinary events on Earth.

The reason for retrograde is the different speeds of the planets of Solar system, which we observe from the Earth. Mercury is the fastest one and it goes retrograde 3 times a year (4 times in 2022). It's usually associated with any horror stories and incidents that occur in our lives. However, the action of retro-Mercury is rather specific than negative. You will find his advantages in the pictures.

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