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Natalie Stargazer
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8 months ago

Many people associate astrology with the delusion that the stars and planets influence the events of our lives. You have probably heard a phrase like “if something goes wrong, then Mercury retrograde is to blame.” In fact, the planets don't affect us in any way. But, doing astrology, we adhere to the theory that the world is a single system, and everything is synchronized in it - Earthly processes and planetary cycles. Since the movement of the planets can be easily calculated for months ahead, then the events of these months can be tried to predict. The main gag is to interpret the calculation reliably. Because planets cycles are regularly repeated, but in different combinations. Here are some examples:


The sky is now witnessing a prolonged conjunction of Mercury (the planet of communication) and Pluto (the planet of resistance). I think you understand what this is related to politically - unsuccessful Russia-US negotiations and the threat of global sanctions. The last long connection of this kind was observed at the end of January 2017, when relations of the United States and Muslim countries escalated, and Trump announced his intention to build a new wall on the border with Mexico.


An interesting February phenomenon 2022 will be a long conjunction of Venus (the planet of women) and Mars (the planet of men). In the astrological sense, this means the solution of an important gender issue. The last time a conjunction of this magnitude was in October 2015, when China ended a 36-year ban on having more than one child in a family. The 2022 Olympics will start in Beijing the other day, which means that the issue of gender equality will be actively discussed as part of the sports agenda in the last week of the competition.


In April 2022, the conjunction of Jupiter (the planet of large coverage) with Neptune (the planet of infections) will take place. Such a conjunction occurs once every ≈12 years. This year it will be held in a mild form, so it will be limited to an outbreak of a new virus. If you remember the past severe precedents, they fell just in 2009 (the swine flu pandemic) and 1984 (the AIDS epidemic).


I gave only 3 examples that can be checked in the winter and spring of 2022. You can see other examples of planetary cycles in my forecast for 2022.

I hope I conveyed to you the main idea that:

Our life does not depend on the movement of the planets. But this movement is a reflection of what is happening on Earth.

As the ancients said, «What is below is the same as what is above». The picture shows an engraving «Emerald tablet. Macrocosm and microcosm», 1618

engraving Macrocosm and microcosm