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Natalie Stargazer
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28 days ago

Globally and personally, Mars retrograde works differently. In political terms, it always entails a wave of aggression, because retro period is quite long (almost 2.5 months) and it's usually accompanied by unfavorable Mars transits to giant planets. The entire critical mass, accumulated earlier in the form of popular unrest and unfair political decisions, piles on society during this period, aggravating conflicts and creating an excuse for revenge and bloodshed. But in your personal life, retro-Mars can manifest itself in a very positive way: if a month earlier it already had good aspects with your natal chart, they will repeat again via long-term favorable trends. See the gallery for general recommendations for a Mars retrograde period.

ретроградный Марс петля

Mars goes retrograde every 2 years. At the same time, the red planet is getting closer to the Earth and is clearly visible in the night sky. With a telescope, you can see the details of Mars surface.

Mars loop begins about 1.5 months before the start of retro period, and the period itself lasts 2-2.5 months - keep this in mind when using these tips:



Personally, Mars retrograde is good because it allows you to complete an "unclosed gestalt":

  • in the next 2 months, you''ll meet a man you know. If you haven't discussed anything with him before, now you will have a chance to do it;
  • in such period, men have an irresistible desire to catch up, to reward themselves for their labors and sorrows. So they become cagey, begin to do unpredictable things, achieve their goals with behind-the-scenes and non-aggressive methods. Even man looks like a dork, he will stop emphasizing his strength, not being afraid to appear vulnerable. But if he makes a decision, then it will be impossible to convince him.