Natalie Stargazer
Natalie Stargazer
Sidereal astrologer

The 12 astrological houses are the ecliptic sectors used to display the daily rotation of the horoscope celestial sphere. It is possible to calculate the horoscope houses only if you know your exact birth time.

Each astrological house's responsible for a certain life area:

  1. individuality
  2. material values
  3. communication
  4. family
  5. entertainment
  6. commitments
  7. partnership
  8. risks
  9. development
  10. goals
  11. society
  12. inner world

House thirds

In order to concretize the generalized spheres of life, the division of each house into 3 equal parts is used (see the table below). Thus, in fact, the horoscope contains 36 houses, for each of which the following factors matter:

  • cusp position in the zodiac sign, which endows the home-related sphere of life with a certain characteristic,
  • the presence of planets in this house sector, which emphasize the importance of this area of life for a person, and how he relates to it.

House thirds play an important role in predictive astrology, because they allow us to differentiate the forecasted areas of life and tremendously increase the accuracy of predictions.